Careful Balance:

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  • I have been a reverend since 2004

    I have performed around a dozen wedding ceremonies, acted as a religious guide to many many people in my life.

    I have shared my faith with anyone who was willing to listen without my pushing my religion on them. I have shared God's word with anyone interested. I have enjoyed endless religous and philosophical debate with anyone willing to engage, including many many people more educated and some more passionate than I when it comes to Christ.

    After 17 years as a free-range reverend, God is finally letting me in on his plans for my life.

    I will stand by Jesus until I can no longer stand with Jesus!

    I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

  • I consider myself a free-range reverend

    I am an ordained reverend. I accepted Jesus into my life and my heart at 12 years old I have studied and prayed a LOT over the years.

    I have a long and strong relationship with Jesus, His Father, and The Holy Spirit.

    As an all-or-nothing person, I have scrutinized life and existence through every possible viewpoint I could analyze. I have taken an in-depth look into every major religion I could find. I have studied the similarities, differences, where the religions overlap and diverge. I have studied, or attempted to study nearly every religious text I could get my hands on. I have attended services of a variety of faiths- A variety of Christian denominations' services, Catholic mass, Jehova's Witness Studies, Unitarian, and any other I could attend. I have developed a closer relationship with God through prayer, meditation, localized missionary work, and scrutiny than I could have without such deep consideration.

    I have never done well with excessive structure. I have always thrived in solitude and study. I would almost describe myself as a modern-day western shaman. I have focused much of my life on maintaining a careful balance of mind, body, and soul. The balance of health, nutrition, exercise, self-care, and faith. I am not perfect, I struggle like anyone. Most of us all-or-nothing types struggle when we're not flourishing. But I would like to think I have always aimed for and tended toward the positive, and, in oblivious or naive times in life, swayed toward the neutral or the complacent, always trying to avoid the evil.

    I have chosen not to belong to a church for the last decade because I have had a fear that they are all becoming compromised in what they can discuss because of their tax-exempt status.

    Submitting your weekly sermon to the government for review reeks of distance-from-God to me. As I already stated I believe I have developed and maintained a closer relationship with God through prayer, meditation, localized missionary work,descipleship, and scrutiny than I would have in the same time had I attended one of the compromised local churches I have been to in the past that just preach the good news.

    Jesus spent much of his life in the church but when he knew his end was near, it was the fisherman and tax collectors he surrounded himself with.

  • Careful Balance - Always slow to react, sure-footed, stable, the rock..

    I have always been an all-or-nothing type of person. It has always been very important in my life to maintain balance.

    My friends started calling me Careful Kyle in my teens and, when I keep the balance in my life, everything generally works out. My life has come out-of-balance from time to time and I try to learn from my mistakes and better myself, put more faith in God, and move along to the next trial life throws my way. I am more than happy to discuss the sometimes-rocky road that has brought me to where I am in my life and my faith anytime, but will save this for later discussions.

    I am happily married with kids, a couple young boys, and work as a sous chef at a local golf course. I spend most of my time engaging with my children and working with my wife to provide a happy loving home and attempt to provide the best life possible for our boys.

  • I spent most of the first year of the pandemic in a blind fit of trust in the system because I had much else on my plate welcoming a new member into my family and trying to navigate the intricacies of the "new normal" reality that so swiftly replaced our awesome lives.

    I had an inkling that the pandemic reeked of evil because the government has never struck me as the most trustworthy organization and when they pretend to do good I become leery.

    But I sat idle trying to make sense of the madness from a distance for nearly a year.

    When the vaccination became available I assumed I would accept the status quo and get in line. I have always done my part to help humanity in our efforts to progress civilization.

    As I try to do with any decision that has a major potential to impact my life: I turned to God in prayer, meditation, and study.

    By the time I started piecing together what is happening, I realized I am very late to the fight!

    We are all under attack and it is time to get ourselves geared up!

    Finding myself in a war I was unprepared for, I have been playing catch-up in an attempt to even communicate my position and find a ground on which to stand.

    I am just one person but I intend to fight with everything in me to provide a better world for my kids and theirs!

    This is all non-violent fourth and fifth generation warfare. Today it is NOT about violence but about winning over the hearts and minds of the people in order to inspire us all to demand the change that we so drastically need.

    Please see my Vaccination page for more information on my stance on the vaccine.