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We offer customized websites that are visually pleasing, functional, and mobile friendly. With a focus on the restaurant industry. our sites provide your customers and potential customers with the information and imagery to get them into your establishment and keep them coming back.

Mobile First - Our sites look great on any device

Why this is important - Starting April 21, 2015 Google has made the mobile friendliness of websites a key factor in their ranking system. If your website is not designed to look good on a smart phone, it will not rank well in Google's search results. Since Google tends to set the trends for search engines, we can expect that other search engines have followed suit.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines are becoming more efficient at delivering the content that users demand. When a website is properly configured and organized, this takes the guess work out of the equation for search engines, improving the rankings for that site. We will write the copy that appears in the search engine results, helping to direct more traffic to your site. Often overlooked, this text is the first thing customers will see when searching for your business. A good hook can be the difference between engaging the customer and turning them away. A clean storefront will always draw more business.
Google, Bing, Yahoo – the Big Three - We will register your site with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Along with directing people to your website, the search engine will provide links to your phone number, address, a map, hours, and more Some search engines require you to pay for rankings, specifically Norton Search Safe. They require registration with a third party security company for a significant usage fee. In the case of Norton, the company they require registration with is Symantec SSL, at a cost of $399 - $1499 annually. Although not included as standard on our websites, we will register with Symantec and Norton Search Safe at our client’s request. Additional implementation costs apply.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting your website to the top of relevant search results, has become a science in and of itself. At their core, our websites are built to be search engine friendly. All of the relevant information is in the right places for the search engines to read and index them. There is much more that goes into SEO than just making your website friendly to the search engines. It takes some continual active work to increase your presence online, but just like any other marketing strategy, the effort will be rewarded. We offer SEO strategies and training.

Website Security - Security Certificates

The Green Padlock - SSL - https LetsEncrypt SSL - Standard - Included with site Comodo SSL - Available for additional $$